• produzioni
    “La creatività è contagiosa. Trasmettila.”
  • distribuzione
    “Quelli che non sanno cambiare la propria mente non possono cambiare nient’altro.”
  • cinema
    “Per essere creativo devi essere pazzo,
    non perché tu sei pazzo o perché vuoi che gli altri diventino pazzi,
    ma perché devi essere pazzo perché gli altri impazziscano per te.”
  • cast
    “La creatività è il piacere più grande.
    È il solo vero valore aggiunto della vita, capace di comprendere tutti gli altri.”

Our Work

Dgt Network was born with the aim of creating, studying and realizing new projects; and we do it using our best collaborators and professionals. These are our skills and guidelines. For other informations, ask, so we can update the meetings counter



  • Concept
  • Location
  • Casting
  • Budget planning
  • Crew search
  • Legal matters



  • Subject
  • Film script
  • Direction
  • Shooting



  • Video editing
  • Color correction
  • Audio editing
  • Music
  • Sfx&foley

"Io ho bisogno di credere che qualcosa di straordinario sia possibile" dal film A beautiful mind

About Us

Dgt-network is a film production house founded in 2007 by Riccardo Leto . It deals with the conception, development and production of feature films, documentaries, short films and television series. The activity starts with the movie "Brokers, Eroi per gioco" (presented at the Rome Film Festival 2008 as a "Special Event"), collecting prizes and numerous acclaim from the public and critics, and continuing with "Unfair Game" (2014) first of a series of three projects related to b-movies with the direction of Riccardo Leto.

DGT Network srl - C.Società: 3464 - REA 1199661

We have made some notes in these years


Ideas and projects in our head


Drank coffee


Km traveled


Meetings and dinners with friends and collaborators

We're working on ...

“When we are really passionate about something, in the end we are passionate about everything and above all the unrepeatability that characterizes reality and life in all its forms, in a mystery that goes beyond us.”

  • Short movie
  • Doc
  • Short movie


"No matter how much a man can do, no matter how engaging his personality may be, he will not go far in business if he is unable to work with others."
We want to do much more. But for now everything is summarized here.

Collaborators - Customers - Friends

"In the long history of mankind (and also animal) those who have learned to collaborate and improvise have prevailed more effectively"


Things made in past, things made in present and we hope things to do in the future.
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“In communication, it doesn't matter how coherent, logical and correct the content may be, <br> but if there is no connected feeling, the message will not be considered.”

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