Direction: Daniele Cribari

Year: 2008

Artistic cast

Fabrizio Rizzolo

Vittorio Semini

Riccardo Leto

Annamaria Malipiero

Giovanni Boni

Sergio Muniz

Margherita Fumero

I Mammuth

Daniela Airoldi



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Private vision


Brokers, Eroi per gioco, is a comedy, a story of redemption, individual and collective. A modern fairy tale whose extraordinary events transform all the protagonists involved, adults and children. It is the story of a man, Carlo Marzia who at some point in his existence is forced to change his life after some wrong choices.He gets in touch with a new reality, populated by bizarre subjects, and manages to give people a dream. Thus, as a university professor of the city, with a strong passion for the stock exchange world, he becomes a teacher of a small village school trying to teach children the "creative" mathematics applied to virtual gaming on the stock exchange. However, soon the virtual simulation will turn into reality, triggering a series of events that will transform the habits and face of an entire country, interpersonal relationships, the way of thinking and everyone's life.


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