Mani in pasta

My guests

Stefano Chiodaroli

Giorgia Wurth

GianMarco Tognazzi

Margherita Fumero

Sergio Muniz

Claudia Penoni

Alessandra Comazzi

Roberto Chevalier

Marcella Puppini (The Puppini Sisters)

Pasquale Ruju

Maurizio Di Girolamo

Federica Gili

Alice Lussiana Parente

Angelo Licata

Giorgio Risi

Roberta Caronia

Daniela Airoldi

Maurizio Di Maggio

Fabrizio Rizzolo

Diego Casale & Fabio Rossini




Mani in pasta
Riccardo Leto arrives on the web with his "Mani in pasta" program, available on Facebook and Youtube. The program (during covid-19) is a show entirely based on interviews with actors, journalists, VIPs, establishing an ironic and easy-going relationship with them. Anecdotes, memories, strengths and weaknesses all in twenty cheerful rhythmic episodes with tributes also to past games, such as the "burnia",the game made famous by Raffaella CarrĂ  in the 80s (you had to guess the beans closed in a glass jar).

  The best of Mani in pasta